Scrotal dartos fascio myo flaps cutanei per il pene

by Cripes, - 28.05.2017

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Tolba, Ahmed Abo-hashem Azab, Mohamed Aly Nasr, Emad Salah Plastic Surgery Unit, General Surgery Department, Zagazig University, Zagazig, Egypt Received November 26, ; revised December 20, ; accepted December 28, Introduction: Penile skin loss poses a particular challenge for reconstruction to the plastic surgeon. These defects, depending on their size, have been reconstructed using skin grafts or regional flap. Scrotal fascio-myo-cutaneous Dartos flap was harvested and used for penile shaft resurfacing.

Results: All harvested flaps were successful. None of them showed any ischemic manifestations. We propose the use of Dartos flap as a good alternative for challenging moderate to extensive penile skin losses. Skin loss is iatrogenic, caused by the necessity for acute debridement of necrotic genital skin when the patient is seen initially [2]. Penile skin loss can result from traction by mechanical devices, such as farm or industrial machinery, or by suction devices, such as vacuum cleaners.

Because the superficial penile tissue is loose areolar tissue, it is often torn free without damage to the underlying structures. Penile burns, although rare, are often full thickness because scrotal dartos fascio myo flaps cutanei per il pene penile skin is so thin [2]. Genital lymphedema is one of the benign scrotal dartos fascio myo flaps cutanei per il pene that require total excision of penile skin and Dartos muscle followed by reconstruction.

This occurs when there is interference with lymphatic drainage of the genital area either as a congenital anomaly or secondary to interference with the iguinal lymph nodes surgical trauma, radiotherapy, malignancy and venereal disorders [3, 4]. A variety of local skin flaps can be used for penile skin cover. However, many authors believe that the best cosmetic results are obtained with the use of skin grafts. In particular, full-thickness skin grafts FTSG guarantee superior results to their split thickness counterpart since they heal with less contracture and therefore preserve the physiological girth and length expansion during erection [ 4].

Functional reconstruction requires regaining satisfactory sensations, providing redundant and durable skin envelop for complete erection and sexual intercourse. Therefore, a thin skin flap may be preferable to achieving better functional and cosmetic results rather than a skin graft or a thick flap [5]. Scrotal flap used in the treatment of different kinds of penile defects has been described for reconstruction of patch defects of penis in previous reports [6]. This article describes the use of scrotal fascio-myo-cutaneous flap for management of large or circumferential penile skin loss.

This study was carried out in Zagazig University Hospitals during the period from May till March Ten patients with penile skin loss were selected from attendants of Plastic Surgery Clinic or Emergency Unit. Patients with scrotal skin loss and those with associated urethral injury were excluded from this work. All patients were subjected to detailed medical and sexual history and meticulous physical examination Table 1.

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