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by LamerPro, - 14.03.2017

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MSI GT80 Titan SLI. Luggables were meant for no-compromise computing in situations where moving the PC here and there once in a while mattered—but not that much. Even there, though, your typical maxed-out gaming laptop, rocking a inch screen with few exceptions, the biggest available and one or two top-end mobile graphics processing units GPUsis still marginally portable, pushing 8 or 9 pounds.

And these machines, though big, still resemble conventional laptops. Inevitably, though, some buyers will ask: What if you want to push those far limits, too? What kind of laptop would you end up with? Perennial gaming-PC pro MSI pushed a whole bunch of sliders up to 11 in its new-for flagship laptop, the GT80 Titan SLI. Unfettered by space limitations—it features an News of the GT80 Titan SLI leaked late inbut even so, nothing we heard then really prepared us for the level of envelope-pushing that this machine delivers in the flesh.

We first saw it in person at CES A simple look at the layout shows just how out of the ordinary the design is, with the touch pad to the right of the keyboard. Those who know mechanical keyboards are gt 80 titan gel tastiera tastiera riposo now mopping up after their drool reflex kicked in. That said, stuffing in this kind of keyboard comes at a big cost in weight, size, and price that you need to be aware of.

Then you have the GPUs and the cooling system. Take, for example, the SLI-equipped Aorus X7 Pro we tested not long before this machine. With two GeForce GTX M GPUs and an impressive 0. But alas, that unavoidable third factor—heat dissipation—jammed the laws of physics between the other two. The result: While the a laptop was blissfully powerful and thin, it was also hair-dryer-noisy when we pushed its graphics to the limit.

Now, for some folks, that will be fine—don a good gaming headset, and snipe or slash the night away in your favorite FPS or MMO game. But the whole point of paying multi-kilobucks for a gaming laptop is to push it as far as you can—with the latest games, at the highest settings, using the top supported resolution. Otherwise, why not settle for a lesser, more conventional machine?

Almost nothing is conventional or lesser about MSI's machine: the body size, the screen size, the keyboard and its switches, the placement of the touch pad, how the numeric keypad is implemented, the efficiency of the cooling system given the GPUsthe component upgradability. Is all of it successful? Or you just like to ogle high-end tech, in which case, enjoy. MSI knows gamers, to be sure, and the Titan SLI was designed to max out the gaming power gt 80 titan gel tastiera tastiera riposo a semi-portable form factor.

And where it does compromise, it does so wisely. At nearly 10 pounds, though, is it really gt 80 titan gel tastiera tastiera riposo laptop? In shape, yes; in spirit, less so. On the GT80 Titan SLI, every surface and edge bears examination in turn, because we found interesting touches on almost all of them. The major outward-facing design feature, though, is the keyboard, which affects the chassis in a host of ways.

First of all, like Texas, everything is bigger here.

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